Cara Partners

Cara Partners - Cara Partners is a bulk pharmaceutical manufacturer based in Little Island Industrial Estate in County Cork.

Cara Partners manufacture a standardised extract of Ginkgo Biloba, an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API), at our Little Island plant in County Cork, Ireland.

Cara Partners is a joint venture between the Ipsen Group of France and the Schwabe Group of Germany. The parent companies discovered, through clinical trials, that the extract of Ginkgo Biloba had significant pharmacological activity and, in 1978, they decided to produce the extract on a production scale in Cork.

The parent companies chose Ireland as its manufacturing base due to its favourable tax regime, its position as a member of the EU and its reputation for having a well-educated and highly qualified population.

Cara Partners employees 94 people, of which 37 have a third level qualification. The plant operates a three shift system in the manufacturing facilities. The main raw material used is the Ginkgo Biloba leaf.